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Can Senator Portman be considered an ally now?

On Thursday, March 14th Republican Senator Rob Portman from Ohio expressed his support for gay marriage, the only current Republican Senator to do so, after a process which started with his son coming out to him as gay two years ago. A lot of the subsequent media response has been to: a) praise another politician’s Read More

LGBTQ* activism — first ever Latino Institute at National Creating Change Conference


Three weeks ago, I attended the 25th annual Creating Change Conference as part of a delegation from the University of Pennsylvania’s LGBT center. The conference is organized by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and is one of the largest gatherings of LGBTQ* activists in the United States, with an attendance of over 3,000. Read More

LGBTQ*: What does it mean?

What does LGBTQ mean - photo by Laverrue

When talking about LGBTQ* rights, it’s important to keep in mind the true diversity of the community. However, most people are unaware of the myriad other terms for people outside the gender binary or the LGB classification. It is essential to hold a more representative view of the spectrum that is gender and sexuality, keeping Read More