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Los Tigres del Norte new ballad on homosexuality

Los Tigres del Norte are one of the most notorious groups in Latin America, often being referred to as the “Mexican Rolling Stones”. Throughout their career, they have sold millions of records in over 50 years together, singing about everything from immigration, the 43 missing students in Mexico and the culture of narcotics. Now they Read More

Gay Waitress, Dayana Morales, Who Claimed A Family Stiffed Her Called A Liar


Remember earlier this month when the gay waitress, Dayana Morales, put a picture of a receipt (of a family who stiffed her for being gay) online? Well the accused family says that her story is a complete lie and they have proof! On November 14th, we posted the picture below on our Facebook wall and we Read More

The 10 minute home makeover

cleaning tools

by Ces’Ari Garcia Delmuro When you think about Latino households of yesteryear, you envision them as immaculate as the Virgen de Guadalupe herself. If you think about it hard enough, you soon realize that  yesteryear was not that long ago: it is your mother or grandmother’s house that you are imagining. As Latino households increasingly become Read More

Learning to Swim

Learning To Swim

As crisp and enjoyable as beaches, pools, and lakes sound, water activities can unexpectedly turn fatal, especially for minorities. The first time I took my husband (back then, boyfriend) on vacation with my family, we learned just how quickly water could lead to tragedy. In the midst of our lakeside swim, I left the water to get Read More

The stigma that follows unmarried women

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Pigs are flying. This was the password for my bridal registry. I got married “late in life” and while this was not a point of anxiety for me, I noted with some amusement that my nuptials were of considerable relief to my parents who had been worried that I would languish alone without the protection Read More

The changing role of Papi

Father and Son

Growing up, it was a common sight in my household to see my father in the kitchen, either cooking awesome meals (which he still does) or even washing the dishes (which he also still does). This was a stark difference from the men of his generation: men who probably only entered the kitchen when it Read More

How interracial relationships shape the Latino community

mixed couple

When my parents found out about my engagement, I was a bit worried that it was the beginning of the end of their parental relationship with me. It was a tense moment. My worries were unfounded, but that is not the case for any person who faces the opinions of others regarding interracial marriage. Families Read More

Hispanic women: smarter shoppers than other groups

women shopping

Latinas: Are you good at finding the best deals? Do you wait until you can buy something on sale? Do you research promotions and coupons online to save money? If you answered yes, turns out you’re part of a trend. Based on a nationally representative survey, a recent report showed that Hispanic women are more Read More

Never give up on your dreams [video]

never give up

Just because I can’t do it today, doesn’t mean I can’t do it tomorrow. – Arthur Boorman We all have dreams and goals for ourselves while we’re here on this earth. But, sometimes we can let other things get in the way of them, such as: self-doubt, lack of information, or even those closest to Read More

The Pope speaks on immigration, but does his word matter?

Holy Bible

Pope Benedict XVI has begun to sing praise of the generosity of American Catholics in their welcoming of new immigrants, as well as backing the commitment by bishops toward immigration reform in the country. This announcement comes at a time when immigration is all the rage in America (or object of rage), with the DREAM Read More