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Why Shakira’s partner doesn’t let her shoot videos with men

Shakira and Rihanna released a music video for Shakira’s hit single “Can’t Remember to Forget You,” in which the two superstars cuddled with each other, in clothing that was quite skimpy. This collaboration attracted music fans everywhere. I mean, who would expect Shakira and Rihanna to collaborate in a manner like this? But it raises Read More

Single mami adventures in dating

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I was married at 22, had my daughter shortly thereafter, and divorced within seven years. My marriage did not last very long, but it did take me off the dating market for what may be a woman’s most important dating decade: my twenties. There are dating muscles developed in one’s twenties that I have had Read More

Top ten gifts you must never buy your lady

  In the spirit of the Holiday season, here is a Top Ten List of the various gifts that you should NEVER BUY for your lady. I’m listing them in the reverse order and Number One will be the most inappropriate gift you could ever buy. #10. Tools No matter what she says…no matter how Read More

Going to her office party? Seven tips to make her proud

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If you’ve been reading my articles for any amount of time, you’re already getting to be a better lover. I hope your lady has already been bragging you up to her office friends. But now she wants you to go to her office party. That’s a whole new dynamic. Now you’re at a party where Read More

Addiction or adoration?

Is your relationship an addiction or adoration? Do you know the difference between them? Human relationships are often complicated. What is sometimes mistaken for love is a sick, damaged relationship. Have you ever said to yourself any of these questions? • Why do I always attract women who are broken? • Why am I attracted Read More

Ten relationship experiments for men

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Guys like experiments. They like to try new things to see what happens. Sometimes those experiments end up on TV shows like “America’s Stupidest Tricks.” But experiments can be fun and they are always instructive. Today, I’m suggesting that you do some experiments to improve your relationship with your lady. You may be sleep-walking through Read More

Why be romantic? The last six reasons men should be romantic

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  In this series I’ve given you 36 reasons to be romantic. Here are the last six. 37. You’ll have a chance to live up to your potential. There is no heavier burden than great potential. But you can throw off that heavy burden by living a memorable life. Remember all the teachers who wrote Read More

Why be romantic? More reasons men should be romantic

Romantic men are happy men. Want to be happy? Turn up the romance! Here are six more reasons you should be romantic. 1. You’ll build a mature relationship. All of those silly teen-aged dating games will go out the window. You and your lady will have respect for each other, love for each other, truly Read More

Why be romantic? Another six reasons why you should be romantic

1. You will better appreciate your lady’s unique qualities. Every woman is unique. This comes as no surprise to you. But you have the chance to enhance your lady’s uniqueness with romance. If you accentuate her best qualities, and almost ignore her lesser qualities, she will naturally do more of the best stuff and less Read More

Should men foot the bill for every date?

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Should men foot the bill for every date or should women pay too? Until this decade, for the most part, men and women both expected gender specific roles on dates. Paying for dates has been generally considered a masculine behavior. But how long should a guy pay if the relationship continues? So instead of just reading about it, let’s Read More