Being Latino on Google Plus

Power to the booty

There are always two opposing sides to any issue and people are noticing the booty trend, which is becoming an issue depending on your views. Women are beginning to embrace their booty and it all begins with the influence that powerful female celebrities have over us. Most women deal with insecurities and a big one  Read More

Terms of endearment….Aye Papi

When you are in a relationship, it is common to use sweet or cute nicknames with your significant other. The most common one I use with my fiancé is papi. Some people will say “hey you shouldn’t call your significant other that because you only should call your dad papi.” The first time my mom Read More

Online Love

How many of us have ever thought of dating online? I know I’m not the only one. There are too many single men and women out there that never get married because they feel like the train passed them by. They feel it’s too late for them, especially the ones who are over 40 years Read More

Do you believe in best friends

Ever since we were children, we are taught to make friends whether it’s at school, park or the neighborhood. When you’re shy this literally becomes a mission impossible. But yet, at school they would put us in groups so we could work with other kids and break out of our shell. Still to this day, Read More

We make it work

Some say being in a long distance relationship is difficult, because you don’t see your significant other all the time. Yes it’s not easy being in a relationship with someone who is on the road across the country but, if the love is there, you make it work. True love doesn’t know distance or time, Read More

I’m divorced, now what?

Some believe that once the divorce is done their life is done as well but, it only just begun. Obviously a divorce is a life changing event, no one wants to go through so much pain. When I went through it, I felt like part of me was gone, that life didn’t make sense without my ex-husband. Read More

Enough is enough

It is my believe that all respect is lost when a person lays a hand on another to make a point or to shut up someone. There is no excuse for hitting someone, but 25% of women  experience domestic violence. But, why would we allow someone to hit us? Because we are scared of not finding that so called Read More

Would you forgive an affair?

It is my belief that couples should talk about everything and anything, but what happens when they do talk and it’s something a little difficult to talk about, for example, an affair. Wife: Hunny, if I had an affair would you forgive me and still be with me? Husband: Yeah, I would… Would You?? Wife: Read More

The cost of cheating

According to a new survey on VoucherCloud, a coupon and discount website, the average affair will cost you $2,664. The website reached this conclusion via a poll with the participation of 2,645 Americans, who were 25 or older and married for over five years. Nearly 24% of the polled admitted to having cheated on their spouse. Read More

Men on Tinder

Do you “Tinder”? Or Maybe this is the first time that name crosses paths with you. Either way you know about it now, right? Tinder is yet another dating app that gives singles the option to find romance via the internet with very unique features that most app designers have failed to create in the Read More