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Querido Juan: The art of the breakup letter

We all have felt like this maybe once or twice in our lifetime, or possibly more, a break up is hard but not impossible. But when we break up with someone we feel like we still had a lot to say so, what should we do if we don’t want to see that person anymore? Read More

Life in the 90s

How old where you in the 90s? Wow, just thinking about it might freak you out or it might make you think of how life was back in the day. I was 4 years old in 1990, life seemed so much easier back them. Not worrying about pointless stuff like money and looks, and so Read More

Antonio Banderas has a new love

Love may be in the air for Antonio Banderas and his new girlfriend, Nicole Kimpel. It is no secret that his 18 year marriage with Melanie Griffith ended last July due to irreconcilable differences. Even though Banderas has been dating Kimpel since last summer, the couple have been keeping things quiet. The discreet manner in Read More

Older women and younger men JLo style

“Don’t call me a cougar”, says Lopez. She feels the old clichés about women dating younger men need to be undone. Times are changing and so are women. She told Self, an older woman who dates a younger man is the same as older men dating younger women, it’s no big deal. While men have Read More

Social media vs real life

So many people get wrapped up in the whole social media world that they sometimes lose sight of who they are. Don’t believe me? Trust me it’s very much true. Go to any shopping center and look around how many people are on their cells? How many are texting? Talking on the phone? Taking selfies? Every Read More

How do you communicate?

 Do you remember how you communicated with people back in the day? The few ways I remember communicating were by snail mail and by house phone. The whole social media thing didn’t happen till later on in life (like around 2003) it’s the new thing that everyone has. But truth be told we (yes I Read More

How to deal with a bad break up

  “Breaking up is hard, whether it is mutual or one party does the dirty work. Any serious relationship that ends will leave one or both people heartbroken” The Art Of Manliness In his most recent single, Big Sean makes it a point to let us know how he feels about his ex, Naya Rivera.  Read More

JLo’s first big heartbreak in new memoir

When JLo announces her next big move, the world is listening. Let’s face it, she is a famous Latina who has it all in the palm of her hands. Jennifer Lopez can transition through stages in her life with ease, yet sing as though she’s reading the pages from her memoir, entitled True Love. The Read More

JLo is willing to get married again

After Jennifer Lopez’s recent release of her memoir, True Love, she had been discussing the possibility of remarrying. On the Chelsea Lately show this Fall, JLo answered Chelsea’s question with a positive a cheery reply, “I would get married again. I like being in a relationship. I’m not one to like whore around and stuff Read More

Take risks to reach your full potential

Get rid of toxic people in your life. That’s the first step to becoming a better version of you. Sometimes we let our surroundings affect us when making choices in life. If we live in a bad neighborhood we might think that’s where we belong. The truth is we can do as we please with Read More